Hapoel Ramat Gan FC


The club

Club Directors & officials
Owner: Mr Yehuda Doliner
Chairman: Mr Einav Hazenvald

Coaching Staff
Team coach: Mr lior zada
Athletics Coach: Mr david gozlan
Goalkeeping coach: Mr Shimon Mualem
Chief medical Officer: Dr Koby Rosenberger
General manager: Mr Izhak Levy

Club Details
Telephone: +972 – 3- 6727743
Fax: +972 – 3 – 6701050
Nickname: The Urdun's
Established: 1927
Address: Po Box 868 Ramat Gan 52108 israel
Web Site www.hapoel-ramatgan.co.il
E-mail: einat@hapoelrg.co.il

Facebook: Home page

Israel championship 1963/4
Israel Cup Winner 2002/3     2012/13
Israel Toto cup 1999/2000     2005/6    2006/7     2010/11

In Europe
2003/4 Qualifying Round Vs Levsky Sofia

2013/14  Qualifying Round Vs Grupo Desportivo Estoril Praia

Hapoel Ramat Gan in the 40


April 1927
The club was founded.

The team start to play in the first Israeli league.

The club make the "machtesh" stadium in the city of "Giv'atayim" to his home stadium and become identified with the town's Ramat Gan and Giv'atayim

The team Failed To stay in the first league for the first time.

The team goes back to the first league.

The Israeli Champion 1963-4

The team win the Israeli championship in her first and last time and make a unique israeli record by winning the championship In the first year in the first league.

The team drop to the second league.

1980/1  1982/3  1989/90 In this years, The team played in the first league but failed to stay there more than one season.

צילום:עדי אבישי

The team played in the second league but break another Israeli record by winning the Israeli cup (the first and only club that win the trophy and play in the second league in the same time)

The team play vs Levski Sofia F.C in the UEFA cup and lost the two games (0-1, 4-0).

2009-10    2010-11
The team played in the first league for two years.


The team wins the Israeli cup in the second time.


Home Stadium

rg_std 002

Ramat Gan Stadium – In UEFA game only

Completed in 1951 and serving as Israel's largest stadium ever since, this all-seated stadium contains 41,583 seats, 13,370 of which are located in the Western Tribune,[1] completed in 1982 – at the time the stadium went through a major refurbishing process.
The stadium is mixed-use, fit for athletic competitions alongside its more regular usage as a football stadium when it hosts Israel international football matches along with the home UEFA Champions League matches of Maccabi Tel Aviv and Maccabi Haifa in the 2004–05 and 2009–10 seasons, respectively. The pitch dimensions are 105 m × 68 m (115 × 74 yd) with a 10,500 m2 (2.6 acres) lawn. The stadium's plot area is 36,000 m2 (8.9 acres).
The stadium also contains six dressing rooms, meeting halls, a conference center, press rooms, referees' room and medical and drug-test clinics. It is sided by two training fields, large athletes clinic, a cafe-restaurant, and a 3,900 space open-air car park. It also houses the headquarters of the Israel Football Association. The artificial lighting conditions in the stadium are on the same level with the world's top stadiums, offering a max 1,550 luxon every part of the pitch.

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